Catalyze Interpersonal Workplace Resilience
Uncover your Peace Intelligence® through a comprehensive assessment of your peace skills, knowledge, qualifications, and personal attributes. Measure your readiness to navigate challenges and drive positive change.
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We help you unlock your inner Peace Intelligence®
Peace IQ® empowers you to prevent conflicts, retain talent, and avoid legal challenges.
In a rapidly evolving world, teams with diverse perspectives excel. However, conflicts can hinder progress, trust, and mission success. Our suite of services and tools help your navigate interpersonal conflict and reduce its likelihood and impact in your organization.
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Realtime Gamified Peace Analytics
Learn interpersonal conflict resolution skills in a fun way
Immerse yourself in real-time gamified peace analytics, where actionable insights on conflict resolution, collaboration, and communication are transformed into engaging challenges that you engage with in XR and IRL.
Daily challenges & quests
Get rewards, perks, and achievements
Personalized Peace Intelligencetm model
XR Based Skill Development & Training
Elevate your team's capabilities and drive sustainable success for XR
Utilize a comprehensive suite of tools, including user performance tracking, career interest assessment, and real-time insights, all designed to enhance workforce skills, streamline recruitment efforts, and optimize career pathways.
Empowerment of Sustainable Communities
Capture peace data to improve the success of your sustainability efforts
Harness peace data to amplify your social sustainability initiatives. Partnering with The Hague Peace Data Standard, we enable companies to measure and report positive peace creation.
Navigating Diversity & Conflict Mediation
Resolve the root of diversity fatigue by empowering teams
Combat diversity fatigue and cultivate trust within your teams. Equip them with conflict management skills to drive collaboration and efficiency.
Word’s from our founder
“At Peace IQ, we don't gauge our success in dollars and data, but in the lives we touch, the conflicts we resolve, and the peace we sow. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of adversity into a story of boundless human potential and enduring harmony.”
Peace Intelligence® Data Platform
Connect Your Data. Navigate Interpersonal Conflict.
Peace Intelligence® Data
Aggregate your data & build your peace data portfolio.
Enterprise Peace Intelligence® Model
Model patterns to inform decision making processes.
PeaceIQ Dashboard
Visualize the trends of peace within your enterprise.