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We are a company that believes in peace
About Us
Fostering Harmony. Guiding Success.
At Peace IQ, our mission is to revolutionize the way teams approach conflict resolution and collaboration. We believe that fostering a culture of peace is not only vital for team dynamics but also integral for the sustainable success of organizations and communities.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that conflicts pose to productivity and well-being, we've developed an innovative interactive training platform that equips individuals and teams with the skills needed to navigate conflicts proactively and constructively. Our commitment to promoting peace extends beyond the workplace, as we collaborate with partners like The Hague Peace Data Standard to amplify social sustainability efforts globally.

Backed by cutting-edge gamified analytics, we empower organizations to measure, improve, and sustain positive peace metrics in real-time. By gamifying insights into conflict resolution, collaboration, and communication, we create an engaging experience that motivates teams to strive for continuous improvement.

Join us on our journey to transform conflict into an opportunity for growth, and to build a world where harmony and cooperation thrive in every facet of life.
Executive Team
Dedicated to Serving
June Benjamin Esq.
CEO of PeaceIQ
Brittany Hale JD.
COO of PeaceIQ
David Emanuel
CTO of PeaceIQ
Advisory Board
Committed to Promoting Peace
Susan Rivers
CEO, iThrive Games
Desmond Osei-Acehmong
Global Executive Producer
Hoda Mahmoudi
The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace
John Katsos
Advisor, American University of Sharjah
Kevin Walker
CEO, RSN Esports
Jeremy Babb
CEO, RSN Esports