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Enhancing Healing and Patient Peace
Wearable Peace Technology to Center Restorative Healing and improve Patient Peace
Our research is leveraging the capabilities of Fitbit as a wearable wellness and peace technology tool presents an opportunity to prioritize restorative healing within BIPOC and Latino communities, particularly among survivors of gender-based violence. However, this endeavor is not without its challenges. To realize its full potential, addressing issues such as cultural sensitivity, accessibility, data privacy, and engagement strategies becomes paramount.
PeaceIQ Labs
Innovating for Peace
The Peace Technology Research and Development Lab is a dynamic hub dedicated to the innovation and advancement of technologies that contribute to global peace and harmony. Our lab brings together interdisciplinary experts, from engineers to social scientists, to collaboratively design, prototype, and test cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on addressing pressing challenges such as conflict resolution, community engagement, and social well-being, we aim to harness the power of technology to create tangible positive impacts. Through rigorous research, creative exploration, and ethical considerations, our lab is committed to shaping a more peaceful future through the transformative potential of peace-focused technologies.
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