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Transforming Resilient Recovery Through Wearables: The Google Health Study
The Google Health Study represents a pioneering exploration into the synergy between wearable technology and the well-being of survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and trauma. This groundbreaking research delves into how wearables can enhance both the physical and mental health of Black and Latin(x) Women/Womxns who have experienced the consequences of these traumatic experiences. By leveraging the increasing availability of patient data through consumer health wearable devices, this study aims to shed light on the potential for wearables to measure the effectiveness of interventions addressing stress induced by social determinants of health, including homelessness, food insecurity, trauma, and violence. Join us in unraveling the transformative possibilities at the intersection of health and technology.
Study Objectives
We aim to "Reclaim Restoration" through out study
The proposed pilot research study aims to assess the feasibility of utilizing wearable activity monitors to gauge the impact of a restorative healing intervention on BIPOC and LatinX survivors of Gender-Based Violence. This intervention, known as Reclaiming Restoration, encompasses a comprehensive range of services and workshops designed to assist participants in managing stress while addressing various social determinants of health, including violence, homelessness, inadequate housing, and food insecurity.

All participants will be drawn from our two nonprofit community partners specializing in Family Stability and Preservation Programs across the District of Columbia, Greater Baltimore, and Northern Virginia regions. The outcomes of this project will provide valuable insights for further research in this emerging field, enabling the identification of precision treatment targets for evidence-based trauma interventions and serving as pilot data for upcoming grant applications.
Understand to what extent does the integration of the Reclaiming Restoration affect mental well-being and self-efficacy among Black and Latin(x) Women/Womxns.
Determine which individual baseline characteristics (i.e., sleep health, heart rate variability, activity level) are associated with physiological stress in survivors of gender-based violence before and after initiation of crisis intervention.
Determine whether stress management scores change significantly after initiation of crisis intervention.
Get Google Pixel or Fitbit
Participants will receive a Smart Watch for the study
As part of our commitment to the Google Health Study's success, each participant will be provided with a Google Pixel or Fitbit smartwatch to enable seamless data collection and monitoring throughout the study. Moreover, upon the study's completion, participants may have the opportunity to retain these valuable wearable devices, offering not only a glimpse into the future of health technology but also a tangible tool for their ongoing well-being.